Forgiveness Coaching Sessions


I honor you for taking the time to find out about and consider the possibilities of forgiving more fully with a Forgiveness Coaching Session!

Why Have a Forgiveness Coaching Session?

Forgiven and FreeThe purpose of a Forgiveness Coaching Session is to support you to identify a specific situation or circumstance from past or present that is disturbing your peace.  They are one-on-one sessions in which you’ll be guided to quickly shift your perspective and understandings of the incident or experience that is burdening you or causing limitation.

You’ll be assisted to forgive and let go of the residual resentments, anger, blame, guilt shame or anything else that would leave you feeling limited, hurt or unworthy in any way.  In doing so, you’ll lighten your heart, reclaim your energy and power, open once again to love and connection.  You forgive so that you can regain the ability to create any future you choose!

Forgiveness Consultation1I know through my own experience, that with a commitment to forgiveness you can completely alter the course of your life.  You can give yourself the freedom that you’ve been seeking but have as yet been able to experience.

Forgiveness is the key to releasing yourself from a long-term prison of the mind and heart. Holding onto the past robs you of your freedom, confines you and has you say ‘no’ to new thoughts, ideas and experiences. Forgiveness opens the doors to new possibilities that make your mind race with enthusiasm, and your heart soar with joy!


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