Forgiveness Coaching Process

Ladder of Freedom

Forgiveness Coaching Process Overview


The Ladder of Freedom, Forgiveness Coaching Process is a proven and effective means to set yourself free from the lingering burdens of the past and come to see yourself and your life in a completely new way.  You can think of it as an individualized, transformational process.  The Ladder of Freedom Forgiveness Coaching Process is delivered as a step-by-step coaching relationship giving you the support, guidance and accountability of a highly skilled and experienced Forgiveness Coach.

It has been specifically designed to support you to adopt and integrate a completely new set of concepts, perspectives and tools into your daily life.  The process takes place a week at a time for 10 weeks, so that your new insights, habits and practices develop naturally and easily to become part of your ‘new normal’ replacing old destructive or limiting beliefs, behaviors and thought processes.


Promise of the Forgiveness Coaching Process
Through digesting and integrating the ideas and concepts in this Ladder of Freedom, Forgiveness Coaching relationship you will completely transform your life in the following ways:

  1. During the course of this coaching relationship, you will discover the secret to freedom of the mind and heart and come to understand how you can live a much happier, more fulfilling and self-expressed life.
  2. You’ll gain insights and perspectives that will allow you to release your daily burden of stress, anxiety and fear, lightening your load emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  3. You’ll find the means to escape the tyranny of a repetitive, negative, judgmental and demeaning internal dialog and leave behind any last shreds of victim mentality or belief that you’re not worthy of having what you desire.
  4. The concepts shared will enable you to live more fully present in the moment, free of nagging thoughts of guilt, shame, regret and doubt that would drag your awareness into the darkness of past mistakes and misfortune.
  5. It will prompt you to reclaim your sense of curiosity, adventure and enthusiasm for life, allowing you to build your self-confidence, reclaim your personal power and understand that you are responsible for creating the circumstances you desire.
  6. You will discover how to have more harmonious and respectful interactions with those around you, and gain the ability to foster more loving, authentic and connected relationships with family and friends while still maintaining healthy boundaries.
  7. It will instruct you how to equip yourself with greater levels of wisdom, compassion and understanding while preparing you to create and have more of what you most want in your life.


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