Forgiveness Coaching

Do you ever find yourself feeling:

  • Frustrated in trying to create your life the way you most want it to be?
  • Limited or affected by outdated beliefs, values or self-sabotaging patterns of action or resentful about the morals or ethics you were taught as a child?
  • Feeling anger, blame, righteous indignation or a wish for retribution toward any person, group or organization?
  • Unable to express yourself fully, or reluctant to share your true thoughts and beliefs with family or others who believe differently?
  • Fearful or anxious about possible retribution from God for ‘sinful’ thoughts or behaviors?
  • Guilty or deeply regretful about past incidents or experiences?
  • Embarrassed or shameful about any aspect of yourself, or your own wants, needs or deeply held desires?

Forgiveness-KeyIf you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the items above, then the Forgiveness Coaching Process or an individual Forgiveness Coaching Session can give you the support and structure needed to break free!  As a coach, it is my job to help you step into new perspectives on hurtful events or incidents, and to find all the value that any seemingly negative experience may have had.  I’m here to assist you to release negative judgments,  so that you can make the experiences of your life right, instead of wrong and free yourself from the heavy burdens of resentment, blame, guilt and shame.

Let Go, Make Peace, Forgive…

and Set Yourself Free!

Sometimes forgiving feels hard to do.  When you’re wrapped up in resentments and blame, when you feel overwhelmed by anger, betrayal or disappointment, or when you’re mired in a morass of shame, guilt, regret or remorse, opening the door to the unbounded freedom of forgiveness can seem like a daunting thing to do. But I promise you that making a conscious decision and commitment to forgive will alter your life in unimaginable and positive ways.


Clifford B. Edwards

I know through my own experience, that with a commitment to forgiveness you can completely alter the course of your life.  You can give yourself the freedom that you’ve been seeking but have as yet been able to experience. Forgiveness is the key to releasing yourself from a long-term prison of the mind and heart.

Holding onto the past robs you of your freedom, confines you and has you say ‘no’ to new thoughts, ideas and experiences. Forgiveness opens the doors to new possibilities that make your mind race with enthusiasm, and your heart soar with joy!

It’s my goal that you let go, make peace, forgive and regain access to all of your innocence, exuberance, worthiness and ability to give and receive love openly.  It’s my role to help you re-focus your attention, power and energy into the present, where you can use it all to become so much more of who you are and to create a great life!  I’m here to challenge you to be successful, joyful, at peace and contributive not in spite of the wounding experiences of your past, but in large part because of them!


 Forgiveness Coaching Sessions    Ladder of Freedom Coaching Process

Forgiveness Coaching is not for everyone.

It  is not for you if:

  • Forgiveness BraveYou are committed to holding onto your anger, resentments, judgments and grudges toward others.
  • You choose to play the victim and always have someone else to blame for the conditions and circumstances of your life.
  • You like feeling unworthy or unfulfilled and are content to take a familiar, predictable path through life.
  • You are willing to carry a burden of guilt and shame or believe that you deserve to be punished for your mistakes of the past.
  • You have no vision for yourself and your potential future or desire for something more.

It may be perfect for you if:

  • You choose to give up the old patterns of negative judgment about yourself and others.
  • You are ready to relieve yourself of the heavy emotional burdens of past experiences.
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life, give up blame and to create a higher quality future for yourself and those around you.
  • You want to feel more alive, free and self-expressed in all aspects of your life and relationships.
  • You know and believe that there is more for you to accomplish and contribute in the world.

Sometimes you just need a little help to shift your perspective and open up to the experience of light, peace and possibility that come with forgiving yourself and others.
Click here to learn more about individual Forgiveness Coaching Sessions

For bigger issues, you may need additional assistance and step by step process to radically shift your perspectives so that you easily let go of old beliefs and stories and easily create yourself anew, free of the limitations of your past experiences.  Click here to find out about the comprehensive Ladder of Freedom Forgiveness Coaching Process.

Free as a BirdImagine going through your days feeling strong, confident, clear and focused.  Imagine interacting with family members free of the old resentments, guardedness, and judgments that used to bubble below the surface. Imagine being able to speak your truth, set and hold good boundaries, and feel love yourself and others as never before!

If you are courageous enough to see things in a new way and take  responsibility for your circumstances now, you can give up your resentments, shame and blame.  You can do what’s necessary to forgive and propel yourself into previously unimaginable levels of freedom and joy.



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