Forgiveness Club Purpose Statement:

 Promoting, Exploring, Teaching and Supporting Concepts and Practices of Forgiveness for Our World

Forgiveness Club is indeed a club. It is an open, accepting and vision driven organization intended to bring together people of all nationalities, races, religious/spiritual belief systems and socio-economic levels.  Our goal is to inspire people from around the world to join together in practicing and promoting forgiveness for the both the individual and collective good.   Membership is free and anyone can join.


What is the benefit of Forgiveness?  Freedom!

  • Free as a BirdFreedom from the lingering burden and painful emotions of the past.
  • Freedom to open more fully to connection and love.
  • Freedom to express yourself more confidently and fully.
  • Freedom to reclaim your power and creativity.
  • Freedom to envision and live the kind of future you most desire.

Look around the world today and you’ll see lots of conflict, hatred, anger, resentment and blame among individual people, as well as groups like organizations, religions, ethnic groups, societies and nations.  Then if you look more closely, you’ll notice billions of people who are burdened down, encumbered and limited by a weight of guilt, shame regret and remorse.  As a result, we live in a world filled with so many problems and issues that are stressful, painful, even deadly and tremendously costly on so many levels. We live in a world in which war, hatred and violence against one another are considered to be inevitable. But what if they really are unnecessary? What if there were a path to freedom, understanding and cooperation available instead?

What Can We Do?

At Forgiveness Club, we believe that the solution to so many of the problems, struggles and conflicts is simple and readily available. It’s forgiveness – the willingness and choice to forgive for the trespasses of the past. It’s forgiveness of others and perhaps even more importantly, forgiveness of ourselves. Forgiveness is the key to  liberation of the mind and heart. It offers the means of freeing ourselves from the burdens of the past and opening the doors to the possibility of a brighter, more peaceful and fulfilling future.

Now please humor me and play along with this next request. Take a moment and imagine a world in which people practice forgiveness as a normal and consistent part of life.  Where we all forgive one another readily for mistakes, oversights, errors in judgment, lapses and hurts of all kinds. Imagine a world in which acceptance, compassionate understanding and concern for the greater whole is our daily reality.

How much less conflict, hatred and misunderstanding between individuals, organizations and societies would there be? How much more cooperation, connection, creativity and ability to solve problems would we have individually and collectively?  How would it look and feel to live in such a world?  Got it?  Great, now please take just a few moments to close your eyes, embody the feeling of that, and set it as an intent. Think to yourself, “Yes, this is where I’m going, this is where we’re going!”

Thanks for adding your intent to this vision.  This is what the Forgiveness Club is all about. It’s about step by step, person by person starting a world-wide movement for forgiveness and the freedom to create a better world for our present and future!

Please use the form in the right hand sidebar to join now.

For practical information, tools and insights to support you in becoming more engaged in conversations and practices of forgiveness, visit our sister site  There you can get a copy of The Forgiveness Handbook – A Simple Guide To Freedom of the Mind and Heart and find out how to participate in other forgiveness oriented activities.

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  1. Cliff, I am in love with this site and with you for putting it together. Just what the world needs.
    I am recommending this site to everyone in my class tonight.

  2. Ayman Shawwa says:

    Hi Cliff,
    I am reading your book on Forgiveness and I love it. You are a master of expalining something complicated in a simple and clear way. You said in your book “when you choose to forgive, take back your power, and decide not to play the victim any longer, you automatically gain access to all the energy that you have been wasting” and “”once you do that you can use your own energy once again to move forward and make a huge, positive difference in the quality of your life.” That is exactly what happened to me as I learned to forgive myself and others. This is a very powerful concept that people need to learn how to use in their lives. I will definitely recommend your book to my family and friends to read it and learn to be more forgiving.

  3. Thank you for this inspiring video Cliff,

  4. Alan Frank says:

    Aloha Cliff! Again, thank you for providing us all with the tools we need to live a more enriching life. And to be able to spread the power of forgivenss globally. Anxiously waiting for your return to Hawaii.

  5. I loved your book, Cliff! You really delve into every aspect of forgiveness and lay out the pathway simply and directly. I know you put a lot of work into your book because it shows. I know it will help a lot of people. I’m with you that the world needs more forgiveness. I’ve joined your club because that’s my mission too. Together, we can bring about change!

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